Universal Substrate


Universal substrate Futuragri is a combination of organic fertilizer with splinters of pine bark / wood. Free of any type of harmful substances, this product is suitable for all kinds of plants of indoor and outdoor, providing water retention in the optimal levels for the good development of the roots. It is advisable to its application in pots.
This product is highly stable with a high content of humic substances that provide the necessary nutrients for the healthy development of the plant.


You can buy:

  • Directly in the unit at Sabrosa; ;
  • Bags de 50L;
  • Bulk (m3), with deliveries of trucks with 20 m3 or 40 m3;
  • Big Bags of 1m3 or 2 m3, deliveries in trucks with1000 bags (40 bags of 1 m3 or 20 bags of 2 m3);