We are a company with headquarters in Sabrosa responsible for the production and marketing of raw materials of excellence. We offer products of reference, and the only ones on the market with a 25% of peat in its composition. We guarantee you the best results and the optimization of your lands for cultivation and / or gardens.
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Water Retention

Its content improves the capacity of water retention, storing more than 70% by weight

Stimulates the Activity

Stimulates and increases the activity of the microbial flora of the soil

Soil Resistance

Increases the resistance from the ground to the erosion from water and wind

Nutritious Elements

Brings the nutritious elements necessary for stimulate a balanced growth and healthy.

Contains NPK

Essentials macroaggregates for the healthy growth of plants.


Stabilised product, free from objectionable odours, aggregates and any type of harmful substance.