The products Futuragri:


  • Improve the soil structure;
  • Replenish the soil organic matter, stimulating the restoration of all its properties and agricultural quality;
  • Increase the power of retention of soil moisture. Its content in peat helps maintain more than 70% in weight;
  • Increase the soil cation exchange capacity;
  • Stimulate the activity of beneficial microorganisms for plants, providing humic substances and other compounds that serve as a source of energy and nutrients;
  • Reduce the acidity of the soil;
  • Provide the ideal development of the estate;
  • Improve the fertility of the soil that results in a higher profitability and productivity;
  • contains no undesirable bacteria or bad smell, avoiding the formation of weeds;
  • provide macro and micronutrients essential for the correct development of the plant;
  • improve the resistance of plants to adverse weather conditions;
  • significantly reduce the need for the application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


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