The Futuragri products are already used by:

  • Wine growers of the Douro Demarcated Region;
  • Producers of olive groves;
  • Apple producers of Lamego, Armamar, Carrazeda of Ansiães and Caldas da Rainha;
  • Several producers of horticultural áreas;
  • Chestnut producers of Carrazedo de Montenegro, Valpaços and Macedo de Cavaleiros;
  • Enterprises responsible for installation of lawns. We provide Football and Rugby fields (field of Paços de Ferreira), training fields (Seixal, Tondela, City of football) and Golf Courses (Cascade Resort).


Plants absorb micro and macro nutrients of the soil to grow and bearing fruit, therefore the incorporation of organic compounds serves to suppress the nutritional needs of plants and promotes the restoration of the biological cycles of nutrients, contributing to maintain and/or improve soil fertility.

Smith e Hadley, 1998; Jasse et al., 2010,

The successive fertilization of the soil with organic compounds were characterized by presenting a liberation more slow, gradual and continuous nutrients than chemical fertilizers, stimulate favorably the root growth, contributing not only to suppress the nutritional needs of plants as also to ensure the fertility of the soil for several years.

Jasse et al., 2010; Muller et al., 2011,

Studies have reported that the application of organic fertilizer in the soil may have a beneficial effect for the soil fauna, since the incorporation of nutrients represents an additional food source for these bodies macronutrients , which are mineral elements , provided through the fertilisation when are not available in the soil for absorption of plants

Bengtsoon et al.,2005 Nakamoto ,2006,

The compost was applied in 3 rewooding in March 2014. The trees presented some weaknesses as regards the appearance of sheets - low intensity of green low levels of average productivity and exactness alternation . The truth is that, in a somewhat empirical , we can say that we had a positive influence on the performance of trees . These solutions fertilizers can prove very interesting in agricultural production, in particular in the rewooding , because in addition of presenting good levels of nutrients are also quite financially accessible.

Souto dos Cavaleiros,