Organic Compost


It is the only product on the market with a 25% of peat in its composition. It is the result of the production of mushrooms. Product developed through a composting process divided into a phase of fermentation and a maturity in that occurs the formation of humic substances that promote the healthy growth of plants.
Composed of high quality and subject to pasteurization. Does not contain undesirable bacteria or bad smell, avoiding the formation of weeds. Product suitable for all types of crops, seasonal and permanent, can be applied as a cover or embedded.
High quality organic compost that resets immediately the soil organic matter, restoring its properties and agronomic qualities. Improves soil fertility which results in an increase of productivity. Organic matter very stable and free of any type of harmful substance.


You can buy:

  • Directly in the unit at Sabrosa;
  • Bags of 50L;
  • Bulk (m3), with deliveries of trucks with 20 m3 or 40 m3;
  • Big Bags de 1m3 ou 2 m3, deliveries in trucks with 1000 bags (40 bags of 1 m3 or 20 bags of 2 m3);