It is the result of the production of mushrooms, is subjected to a drying process and is screening and grainy. It is a similar product in all aspects to the organic fertilizer, but that the most significant difference is the amount of moisture, which in the case of pellets is less, since it is a product more dry. In addition, the pellets are a product more concentrated, that requires smaller amounts per hectare. It is indicated for all kinds of crops, seasonal and permanent and can be applied as a cover or embedded. Helps to keep the moisture in the soil and to reduce its acidity. Stimulates and increases the activity of the microbial flora of the soil. Improves soil fertility that results in a higher productivity. Organic matter very stable and free of any type of harmful substances.


You can buy:

  • Directly in the unit at Sabrosa;
  • Bags of 25Kg;
  • Deliveries of trucks with 25 Ton;
  • Big Bags of 500 Kg or 1000 Kg;